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⁣Sleep Divorce – Pet Edition

Dear Cosmo. We had a good run. We spooned and we snuggled. There were so many mornings we slept-in together. You even purred on my baby bump when I was pregnant with T.S. which was so soothing. I will always treasure those times but the honeymoon is over. It is time for a change. You were waking me up at 4:30 and meowing in my face and licking my hand until I fed you. You woke up the baby. I gave you a chance with an automated feeder but you continued to awaken me. I understand you’re just being affectionate but I have to sleep.  Now that you’re sleeping downstairs I’m sleeping better. Now I have more energy to play with you because I’m rested. I really think it’s for the best. But please know I love you just the same and I’m always up for a daytime snuggle. Can anyone else relate?  #thestruggleisreal

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