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‍4 Strategies For Training Your Child to Stay in Bed and Fall Asleep

‍If keeping your little one in bed is a challenge, check out these posts (linked in my stories) I wrote describing three strategies for training to stay in bed and fall asleep.

  • The Sleep Fairy
  • Reward Chart
  • Bedtime Fading

‍I have one additional strategy that is a favorite called the  “bedtime pass.” The bedtime pass is a token you give to your child which they can use to get out of bed. But if they don’t need to use it, at the end of the week they earn a reward. Remember, a reward, not a bribe.

‍Remember, when you’re child gets up, the most important thing is to remain neutral about it, address any issues and calmly walk the child back to bed. This may need to be repeated over again. If we do not stay calm, our child will become upset too and then bedtime will be even more of a challenge.

‍What are your go-to tips for getting your child to stay in their bed at night?

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