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An Introduction to CPAP⁣⁣

The most commons concerns I hear about CPAP are things like:⁣⁣

What does it look like?⁣⁣

How big is it?⁣⁣

Will I be able to sleep on my side?⁣⁣

Will I be able to roll over?⁣⁣

Is there a mask that works better than others?⁣⁣

In this Instagram video series I’ll show you on of the most popular versions of a CPAP mask style called nasal pillows.⁣⁣

I’ll show you the Resmed P30i and N30i⁣⁣

I’ll show you the Phillips Respironics Dream-wear Nasal and Cushion mask.⁣⁣

I hope the videos are worth a thousand words because being on camera is not my favorite.

What concerns do you have about CPAP?


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