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Daylight Saving Time

Daylight saving time is coming to an end tomorrow night. Did you know it dates all the way back to Benjamin Franklin who proposed it as a way to conserve energy?  

 However it was not until WWI that it was actually implemented and used for that purpose. It was then abandoned and re-instated during WWII for the same reasons.

 In this day and age a lot of us accept it as “normal” but a lot of research shows there are public health risks to daylight saving time. Those hazards are thought to be a result of the misalignment between sun time and social time and include traffic accidents, heart attacks, and mood disorders just to name a few. Our circadian rhythms are meant to be synchronized with the sun time not social time.

 The geographical boundaries of time zones also have an impact on circadian misalignment.  

 This topic produces a lot of controversy!  The American Academy of Sleep Medicine supports using Standard Time year round and abandoning DST since science shows humans are meant to entrain to sun time. This is also true for plants and animals, in fact historically farmers have protested daylight saving time.

 Are you for or against daylight saving time?

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