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Deep Sleep Part 2:

A very common questions I get asked is how can I get more deep sleep?  The brain generates deep sleep through a pathway involving the neurotransmitter adenosine. ⁣There are several ways to increase adenosine ⁣The longer we are awake the more adenosine (sleep debt) we build up. That is one of the reasons why spending more time in bed is not an effective strategy for getting more sleep.⁣Exercise is very effective for increasing deep sleep.⁣Since caffeine inhibits adenosine, decreasing caffeine intake is also a helpful strategy. ⁣Alcohol decreases deep sleep although it has sedating effects which should not be mistaken for restorative sleep. ⁣The most effective and lasting ways to increase deep sleep are achieved through behavioral modifications and not medications.⁣Medications can be helpful in some cases but we don’t currently have any that can generate deep sleep. ⁣When do you get the deepest night of sleep?


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