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Sleepopolis “Is Your Baby’s Sound Machine Smart Enough?  Probably Not, Says This Neuroscientist” April 4, 2023

‎‎Common Denominator Podcast “A Sleep Expert’s Advice on Getting Better Rest”  November 29, 2022

Brain & Body Things Podcast “Things you should know about sleep”  July 31, 2022

Fit Body, Happy Joints Podcast “How sleep can affect your fitness results” July 27, 2022

Sleepdotcom “How To Manage Nighttime Anxiety and Stop Thinking About Your To-Do List”  January 31, 2022

Refin Blog “15 Expert Bedroom Remodel Tips For a More Comfortable Sleep” January 31, 2022

Fertility Journeys Podcast “Sound Sleep for Optimal Health and Fertility” December 7, 2021

Make It Simple Podcast “The Sleep Guru with Dr. Meredith Broderick” October 27th, 2021

Into the Dawn Podcast “Insomnia and Sleep Disorders”  October 7, 2021

Calm, Cool, and Connected Podcast “The Neurology of Sleep” October 6, 2021

Reflections Magazine “The Guru’s Guide to Better Sleep”  September 1, 2021

Hello Giggles “Sleep Talk Often?  Your Stress Levels Could Be To Blame”  August 21, 2021

Q13 Fox News “Healthy Living:  Identifying and Treating Insomnia”  July 6th, 2021 

Solo 2.0 Podcast “The Keys To Better Sleep”  June 1, 2021

Nike “How Are Sleep And Stress Related”  April 1, 2021

Shape “Can You Really Catch Up On Sleep?”  March 29, 2021

The Health Investment Podcast “Evidence Based Sleep Tips”  March 29, 2021

Popsugar “A Sleep Doctor and an Ob-Gyn Explain How Your Period Could Affect Your Sleep”  March 27, 2021

Forbes “This Is The Best Mattress For You, According To Health Pros”  March, 22, 2021

Soma Blog “Five Tips To Help Improve Your Sleep”  March 15, 2021

Popsugar Fitness “If You’re Doing Dry January, Here Are Benefits You May Experience”  December 30, 2020

Jezebel “It’s Officially Trump Nightmare Season”  September 22, 2020

Unplugged and Real Podcast “You Ask, We Share – Sleep”  July 7, 2020

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