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Surfing to Sleep

I like to explain falling asleep like catching a wave 🏄🏻‍♀️. To catch a wave, you have to paddle out, pay attention to the timing of the sets, get in the line up, build some momentum and then drop. And if all goes as planned, magic 💫   

When we talk about sleep training babies we always talk about bedtime routines. The routine may consist of bath-time, books, prayers or practicing gratitude. Once established, it is almost miraculous how effective these behavioral cues are for facilitating sleepiness.  

 Adults are no different than babies in our need for a wind down period – a transitional period from our frantic busy lives to signal our brains and usher us into the restorative world of sleep and dreams.   To me this is synonymous with the prep needed to catch a wave.

If you haven’t heard #arianahuffington read Good Night Smartphone on @audible it’s funny, a great primer on a Wind Down Period, and FREE so check it out!  

  Here’s an example of my ritual:  

✅Floss, brush teeth, wash face, skincare  

✅Chat with husband to review any plans for next day. Make notes or set reminders if necessary.  

✅Lay out clothes and pack work bag  

✅Dim Lights and close down electronics  

✅Chi Machine  

✅Get into bed  

✅Read until sleepy  

✅Lights out   


👩🏻‍⚕️What is your bedtime ritual?  


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