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What To Do When You Dread Your Bed

This book has a great title because it aptly describes the conditioned arousal so characteristic of chronic insomnia. And it turns out, cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) is applicable for kids too!

This book is geared towards older children, listing ages 6-12 as the target audience but I think it’s going to be most effective on the older end of that age rangr. Even for an older child, the best approach with this book would be for a parent to read the book first, making sure they understand all the concepts first (and practicing them would be even better)!

I love how fun this book is, weaving magic tricks into the lessons for additional entertainment.

For parents, I encourage you to take charge of the pace of the book. Some may be tempted to read through the book quickly, but it’s really important to take each step, practice it, and then move on to let the process unfold in a stepwise fashion.

If you really want to make yourself parent of the year, make this a team effort and show your child how you are learning and modifying your behavior to improve your sleep as well. The concepts in the book are components of CBT-I used in treatment of chronic insomnia in adults as well!

‍What do YOU do when you dread your bed?

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